Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  I have a place I want to contribute, but not sure if it falls in your location needs?
Contribute!! I am collecting as many places as possible currently and will pick/choose which locations to feature!  I am not limiting just to New York City, so if you've even been to Canada, LA, Texas or even Japan...  and want to share a beautiful space, please do!

2. What if the photos that I took at the location that I stayed is not up to your standard of aesthetics?
This is totally OK.  When I get a look at your photographs, I can edit/crop if necessary.  I would recommend if you are looking to contribute more, to possibly take even MORE photos on your future staycation!  Lots of LIGHT is recommended!  Please look at this post as a example. 

2b.  How many photos and what kind of photos are you looking for?
Try to get 10-20 images of the space.  Exterior shot, interiors, and any details or special perks at the space.  If you can even get some street shots of where it's located- that would be awesome!

3. When will my location be featured?
I am trying my best to get as many up as possible, so hopefully within a few weeks!

4. Why did you start this blog?
Please read my blurb here. 

5. Do I have to be an amazing author to contribute?
Nope!  Most of the questions in my questionnaire are straight forward, so you don't need to write me a 2 page essay about the stay -- UNLESS you want to!