The Mission



It's 2018.  Travel blogs litter the web space with gorgeous imagery and places to go see and explore.  But what about if you're tired of all the traveling and the 'great' outdoors... and you just want a place to rest, relax and rewind?  Go Staycation is for that!  It's a collective of beautiful spaces and places that people (like you and me) have visited, loved and want to share!  We are curated and photographed with the highest level of aesthetics and are striving showcase the best of the best!

Are you in?   If so, please contribute!! 


About the Editor:

Cynthia Chung is a New York City Wedding Photographer that is always in search of a new place to rest up and recharge.  After countless of hours scouring the internet for new places, she finally realized that there just aren't enough inspirational blogs out there to help with picking a new place to go!!!  Being exposed to so many wedding inspiration blogs, Cynthia thought, "why not make an inspiration blog for staycations?!" It would just make life SO MUCH EASIER!

And so that is how this all began.  This blog is meant to be a community effort, so that we can all contribute and share our experiences.  We'll be lining up the posts with gorgeous eye-candy, so you will have a better understanding of what the space looks like and if it's worth it to r&r there.... AND have it be insta-worthy.